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Super PAC-MAN®

The Ghost Gang is at it again! Never fear, Super PAC-MAN is here! Eat the keys to open the doors, gobble up goodies, and clear the maze. Chomp a Power Pellet to snap up the Ghosts or eat a Super Pellet to become the super-sized, super-fast Super PAC-MAN! FREEZE Ghosts, fool them with MIRROR PAC-MAN, and TELEPORT! Be the hero, clear the maze!

Tips and Hints:
Clear the maze by eating keys to open the doors blocking the tasty goodies.

Munch a Power Pellet to momentarily turn the ghosts blue! When they're blue you can eat them for bonus points!

Chomp a Super Pellet to become Super PAC-MAN.

Check the Compatible Devices list to make sure your device is compatible this game. Or download the demo prior to purchase.

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